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The Heirloom Bear by Bella & Bear Keepsakes

At Bella & Bear Keepsakes we understand your clothing holds treasured memories. Like the outfit they wore the day they were born, or the shirt they always wore that still smells just like them. We remember that feeling when you're wondering what to do with those outgrown baby clothes. We want to ensure your memories don't get hidden away in a box. 

Bella & Bear Keepsakes specialise in keeping your memories alive using those sentimental pieces of clothing and lovingly transforming them into unique memory bears, blankets or other keepsakes. We create keepsakes which you can display proudly in your home.

Memory Blanket by Bella & Bear Keepsakes

What is a memory bear & what is their purpose?

A memory bear is stuffed bear or animal created using clothing or fabrics which hold sentimental value. This usually from a baby or child's outgrown clothing, items belonging to loved one who has sadly passed away or garments worn during significant events or milestones. A memory bear or memory keepsake can take many different forms including memory blankets and cushions. Bella & Bear Keepsakes specialise in carefully repurposing fabrics from those sentimental clothes into beautiful memory keepsakes. Our memory bears and keepsakes capture and preserve the memories and emotions associated with the clothing, which have been used to create them serving as a tangible representation. Memory bears often bring comfort and peace, allowing you to honour the past, preserve cherished moments, and create a lasting tribute to those who are dear to your heart.

Memorial bear, Bella & Bear Keepsakes

How it works

The hardest part of ordering your keepsake is choosing the clothes! All you need to do is choose which keepsake, add to cart and checkout. You'll later receive an email with all the details for getting your items to us. Then pop your clothing in a box and send it to us. We'll work our magic and transform your clothing into a beautiful keepsake, package it up and send it home to you. Then all that's left for you to do is treasure it forever.

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The Heirloom Bear by Bella & Bear Keepsakes


At Bella & Bear Keepsakes we are extremely conscious of being as environmentally friendly as possible. We're always looking for ways to become even more sustianable. In 2019 we ditched the polyester fibre fill stuffing and plastic toy eyes. We spent hours researching and now only use 100% British Sheeps wool stuffing, lowering our carbon footprint and choosing an entirely sustainable option. We use interfacings made from recycled materials, we reuse the odd box for packaging and all of the packaging we use is 100% recyclable. And of course not to mention the main part of each memory bear, cushion or blanket, your clothing, is completely upcycled!

Gift Vouchers

Bella & Bear Keepsake Gift Voucher

Are you wanting to give someone a keepsake gift? Are you worried you'll pick out the wrong clothing or can't get hold of the clothing? Maybe you're not sure if they'd prefer a memory bear or a memory blanket? Well we've got you covered with a gift voucher, choose between a physical post card or a digital voucher.

 The recipient will be able to order which keepsake they'd like with the voucher, send the clothing and we'll do the rest.

What our customers say

I was in two minds whether I could part with my baby’s first clothes. I stumbled across Collette’s page and her keepsakes looked beautiful. I took the plunge and after a month on the waiting list, my bear was made. I included so many notes with my items, but Colette pieced the clothes together better than I ever could have imagined. I’ve received it today and it’s beautifully made. My clothes have been returned as well and they have been cut so neatly I can reuse for a blanket for the future. Absolutely amazing craftsmanship and I now have a bear I can keep forever. Thank you so much. - Olivia

Collette made us 5 beautiful bereavement bears using my Dad’s shirts. They are a beautiful keepsake and so beautifully made. You can see the love which has gone into creating each bear and the attention to detail. I am so pleased we decided to have them made. - Lorna

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