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Hey! Welcome to a corner of the internet that's all about holding onto the past in cutest ways possible. This blog is going to be all about Memory bears, Memory cushions, Memory blankets, Memory quilts and all things keepsakes. This blog will answer what is a Memory bear or a Keepsake bear and why they're more than just an ordinary teddy bear, Imagine a teddy that's not just stuffed with fluff, but with your actual memories. Thats the magic of Memory bears, they're like time capsules stitched with love.

We all have that stack of old t-shirts or outgrown baby clothes that we cannot bear to part with, or a beloved soft toy or blanket that's seen better days. Instead of hiding them away in the back of a cupboard or up in the loft, why not give them a second life as your very own memory filled bear or quilt. A memory bear is more than just cute, they're sentimental storytellers, holding onto the chapters of your life in each patch and stitch.

This blog will explore why everyone should seriously consider having a keepsake made from those sentimental items, whether you're feeling nostalgic or want a unique way to preserve those precious memories. It will answer any questions you may have and inspire you when you're considering what to do with clothing you can't part with. It will  provide some tips and also share your stories of having your memories captured in stitches.

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