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About Us

Owner of Bella & Bear Keepsakes holding a keepsake bunny.
Photograph of owner of Bella & Bear Keepsakes with her two children playing in the sea.

I'm Collette, a wife, a mother of two, owner of the naughtiest beagle around & 5 hens. I am also the owner & founder of Bella & Bear Keepsakes. You'll find me and my little business in rural Cambridgeshire, you'll often find me hiding in my greenhouse sowing seeds I love watching things grow!

I've been sewing for as long as I can remember. My business journey began back in January 2016 following my sons first birthday when I faced a box of his outgrown clothes (well several boxes actually). I tried to sort them for resale or the charity shop, but I ended up on a journey down memory lane his first sleepsuit, his first blue item,  first trip to the beach, first christmas, all the firsts. I couldnt bring myself to part with them. The way I saw it was I had three options hide them in the loft in the boxes, grow a pair and get rid OR find a way to repurpose them so I can enjoy those memories over and over! Obviously the first two options were just out of the question really.

With that I decided to upcycle them into something I could enjoy everyday and display proudly in my home. A few weeks later I'd completed my first bear, I shared a photo online, a few friends asked me to make them one too. A year later I'd made a few bears, my daughter had just been born and my husband was about to deploy for six months, and I decided to turn this bear thing into a business.

Bella & Bear Keepsakes was officially created, named after my  children Bella and Jamie (Baby Bear was what I called him most of his first year). Bella & Bear Keepsakes was my distraction during that deployment, it's what kept me sane! 

I've LOVED building my business and brand since 2016. I've took it from the UK to the USA and back again. It allowed me to support my husbands military career. Now that stage of our lives is over I'm continuing to expand what I offer from what started with just a single bear to various animals, quilts, blankets & cushions to now adding even more keepsakes and so much lined up.

My mission is to stop beautiful memory filled clothing being hidden in boxes in the loft, under the bed or at the back of a cupboard. My mission is to create beautiful memory filled keepsakes that you can display proudly in your home. My mission is to keep your memories alive!

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