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Memory Bears & Animals

So let's start with what even is a Memory bear? A memory bear is a stuffed teddy bear or soft 'toy' that is crafted using sentimental clothing or fabrics. It is a special keepsake that holds significance and serves as a way to preserve memories whether they be of a babies first year, a special event or to honour the memory of a loved one.

Those sentimental items are carefully repurposed to create a bear/animal allowing the memories and emotions associated with the clothing used to create the keepsake. The purpose of a memory bear is to provide comfort to individuals who have experienced loss or significant life changes. They can also be cherished by those who want to preserve and honour important moments in theirs or their children lives. A memory bear services as a tangible reminder of cherished memories.

We offer a variety of soft toy style keepsakes. We can use all different fabrics for your keepsake, it doesn't have to be just a shirt or babygrows. Muslin squares, a comfort blanket, scarves and even ties work just as well.​ These keepsakes require around 6 - 10 items of baby clothes, or just one adult item. The amount of clothing required varies depending on the animal of choice, please refer to the product information for more details for your keepsake of choice.

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