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Memory Blankets & Cushions

Memory Keepsakes don't have to take the form of a soft toy. We also offer alternative keepsakes in the form of blankets & cushions, with each patch telling its very own story. They tie seamlessly into your soft furnishings, whilst allowing you to travel down memory lane time after time. The blankets are the perfect answer when you just have so many pieces of clothing you can't part with, and why should you they all hold special memories after all and whats best is we can make these in 4 different sizes. If you don't have quite enough items for a blanket then a cushion is the way forward. They're perfect for children's clothing especially for when you want to cosy up and talk about when they were small. Not only are they perfect for children's clothing they make the most special keepsake after loosing a loved one, a cushion to hold tight or a blanket to wrap around you on the days when you long for their cuddle again. 

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