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Restore & Replicate

New for 2023 is our Restore & Replicate service. We've always done teddy bear repairs whenever they've been requested and even replicated old soft toys before. So we're excited to introduce the service officially! Whether you're interested in our teddy bear spa service or our replication service please complete the form below so we can discuss your needs. As every bear and replication is entirely unique (not all bears need a full spa treatment although some deserve it) we cannot provide flat fees for these services, so please contact us today for your quote.



We like to think of our restore service like a little spa break for those well loved irreplaceable soft toys. You send them to us and we'll give them the spa treatment they deserve. 

Treatments include 

  • Washing

  • Hole & Tear Repairs​

  • Limbs reattaching

  • Full or partial re-stuff

Replicated old toy with sentimental clothing memory bear.


The replicate service is literally what it says but with a slight twist! 

We will replicate a soft toy you already have except we will create it with your sentimental clothing! It works by sending us your sentimental clothing and the toy you want replicated. We then work our magic and create a replica of the toy you've sent to us. Don't worry your toy will not be cut up or into at any point in the process and will be returned home to you along with your replicated keepsake.

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