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We’re proud to introduce our Heirloom Memory Bear, the first original design bear within our collection meticulously designed and crafted by our CEO Collette, marking a significant milestone in our business journey. The Heirloom Memory Bear is a timeless treasure meant to be cherished across generations.


To create this bear, inspiration has been drawn from traditional heirloom bears. Its adorable little face combined with elongated limbs and rounded, chunky body are thoughtfully designed to maximise the incorporation of sentimental clothing, capturing your memories in every stitch.


This bear is meticulously constructed with fully jointed limbs and head. We use the traditional 'disc and pin' method, meaning each limb and the head are attached to the body of the bear using discs and pins, which allow for rotation and movement. This construction provides durability, flexibility, and of course, poseability, allowing the bear to be positioned in various stances or postures.


To create your personalised Heirloom Memory Bear, we require a minimum of 8-10 items of baby clothing. For predominantly newborn-sized items, we recommend adding a few extras. While one piece of adult clothing suffices, two are ideal for the best results.


Key features of our Heirloom Memory Bear include:

  • The Heirloom Memory Bear sits at roughly 33cm.
  • Custom machine embroidery on one footpad is included - Typically names & DOB.
  • Stuffed with 100% natural British sheep's wool, ensuring a cuddly and eco-friendly creation.
  • Each bear comes with a complimentary dust bag for safekeeping.
  • Free U.K Shipping
  • Please note that each finished keepsake is unique, depending on the clothing provided. Refer to our photos for examples of the varied finished bears/keepsakes.
  • Upon placing your order, you'll receive an email with instructions for sending us your clothing.


Preserve precious memories with our Heirloom Memory Bear—a testament to love, tradition, and enduring quality.

The Heirloom Memory Bear

PriceFrom £108.00
    • This bear is intended for display purposes only, it is not to suitable for children under the age of 14 years and will not withstand play. Due to the nature of this product it cannot be safety tested.
    • We do not recommend washing our keepsake bears or animals. If your keepsake gets a little dusty on the shelf, we recommend using a lint roller to remove any dust.

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