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Capture the essence of your Christmas memories with our Memory Bauble—an exquisite way to cherish those special moments year after year. Whether it's celebrating your baby's first Christmas or commemorating the presence of a loved one who's no longer with us, our Memory Bauble is designed to hold those precious memories close.

Crafted from your sentimental clothing, each bauble becomes a timeless keepsake that takes pride of place on your Christmas tree, serving as a poignant reminder of cherished times.

The Memory Bauble is the perfect complement to your Memory Bears or Quilts, making use of fabric offcuts to create a cohesive and meaningful set of keepsakes. Whether ordered alone or as part of a collection, each bauble is crafted with care and attention to detail.

Consider ordering multiple baubles to gift to family members, allowing everyone to share in the warmth of cherished memories. Simply send us your sentimental item, and we'll transform it into a beautiful Memory Bauble that will be treasured for years to come.

Memory Bauble Decoration

  • We are unable to accept returns or offer refunds, unless your order arrives faulty. If this does happen please contact us at

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