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We’re excited to introduce our Barnaby Bear Sewing Pattern also known as our Heirloom Memory Bear, the first original design within our collection, meticulously crafted by our CEO Collette. This pattern marks a significant milestone in our business journey. When the Heirloom Memory Bear was designed, we knew its was too adorable not to share it with you. Now we're enabling you to create a timeless treasure meant to be cherished across generations.


Inspired by traditional heirloom bears, the Barnaby Bear features an adorable face, elongated limbs, and a rounded, chunky body. These thoughtful design elements allow you to incorporate sentimental clothing, capturing precious memories in every stitch.


The pattern guides you through the meticulous construction of the bear with fully jointed limbs and head using the traditional disc and pin method. This technique ensures each limb and the head are attached securely to the body, providing durability, flexibility, and poseability. Your finished bear will be able to rotate and move, allowing it to be positioned in various stances or postures.


With this detailed pattern and instructions, you can now bring Collette's beautiful design to life and create your own cherished Heirloom Memory Bear.

Barnaby Bear Sewing Pattern

  • This pattern may be used for personal use, gifting, and small-scale commercial production. Items made with this pattern must be labeled or tagged as 'Made from a Bella & Bear Keepsakes and Patterns pattern.' For online sales, each listing or social media post must clearly state that the item is made using a Bella & Bear Keepsakes and Patterns pattern. This pattern is not to be used to create workshops, lessons or tutorials by anyone other than Bella & Bear Keepsakes and Patterns. This pattern may not be used for mass production. It is protected by U.K. and international copyright laws. Any reproduction or distribution without written permission from Bella & Bear Keepsakes and Patterns © (Collette Taylor) is prohibited.

    Copyright © 2024 Bella & Bear Keepsakes and Patterns, Collette Taylor. All rights reserved

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