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We can't stop them growing up, but what should we do with those outgrown baby clothes?

As parents, we all know just how fast our little ones grow, and with each passing milestone, the pile of outgrown baby clothing grows just as fast. All whilst were still rocking the same sweatshirt from the previous decade their getting a whole new wardrobe every season. While it's tempting to simply stash these tiny garments away up in the loft or in a big box under the bed, there are meaningful and eco-friendly ways to repurpose them, preserving cherished memories and reducing our environmental footprint (the last thing we want is them to end up in landfill). In this blog post, I want to explore a range of ideas for repurposing those adorable baby clothes, while also introducing a sentimental option: memory bears, quilts, blankets & cushions.

A pile of outgrown baby clothes.
What to do with outgrown baby clothes

So what should we do with outgrown baby clothes?

1. Pass them on to Friends and Family.

One of the most heartwarming ways to extend the life of outgrown baby clothing is by passing them down to friends or family members who have younger children, or if you're planning to expand your family in the near future hold onto them. The clothes carry not only a sense of practicality but also a personal touch, connecting generations, spreading joy and don't forget the money you'll be saving them! Sharing these tiny outfits with loved ones creates a beautiful tradition that fosters a sense of unity and love.

2. Donate them to charity.

For those seeking to make a positive impact beyond their immediate circle, donating outgrown baby clothes to charities is a wonderful choice. There are numerous charities and shelters that provide for families in need. It's so easy to do bag them up and drop them at your local charity shop, clothes bank or many of us get bags from charities posted through our letter boxes and they'll collect it for free. By donating gently used clothing, you're not only helping others but also reducing textile waste in landfills.

3. Sell them.

Yep, secondhand baby clothing sells really well. Most items have only been worn a hand full of times before they're too small. So why not snap a quick photograph of those items and pop them on Vinted, Marketplace or eBay. Earn yourself some extra cash, and whilst you're selling why not browse what other people are selling in the next size up for your little one! Again this is a really good sustainable option.

4. Repurpose them!

I know getting 'rid' of those tiny memory filled outgrown clothes just isn't an option for some people, because thats the jumper they wore the first time he met Great Granny, or thats the sleepsuit that we brought the day we found out we were having a girl. I get it, I've been there, all those tiny clothes brought back all the best memories of their first year. Of course I don't recommend keeping them just for the sake of keeping them when they no longer serve a purpose. Once you've put them in the loft I guarantee you the only time you'll look at them is when you move house and then you'll put them up in the loft of the new house where they'll sit gathering more dust! Now this is where Bella & Bear Keepsakes specialty lies, up-cycle them, give them a new lease of life and a purpose!

Have them made into a keepsake.

Transforming cherished baby clothing into Memory quilts or Memory blankets is a sentimental approach to preserving memories. Each piece of fabric tells a story, and when woven together, they create a unique tapestry of your child's early years. Memory blankets or quilts are not only eco-friendly but also serve as lasting keepsakes that can be passed down through generations. The other thing I love about Memory quilts and blankets is they can hold soo many items, making it easier to narrow down which clothing to use.

Memory bears are another enchanting and timeless option for repurposing outgrown baby clothing. These handmade bears are crafted using pieces of your baby's clothing, creating a tangible memory you can hold and hug. Every stitch carries the love and warmth of those first precious years, making it a heartfelt keepsake that can be displayed or cherished forever.

The best part of having a keepsake made is you get to hold on to those outgrown clothes, give them a purpose and display your memories proudly in your home.

2. Frame, display or create a small memory box.

Some baby clothes are simply too precious to cut or repurpose into new items. In such cases, consider framing and displaying these outfits as charming pieces of art. Frame a set of tiny onesies or a special outfit in a shadow box to create a whimsical decoration for your nursery or home. Have a small memory box for that extra special outfit, you can also pop their scan photos, hospital tags and other small sentimental items in there too.

3. DIY Accessories and Decor

Now this is one I really urge caution with, please do not cut up those sentimental items unless you are confident with what you're doing. Once they've been cut, you cannot uncut them. But you could get creative by repurposing baby clothes into various DIY projects. Use soft fabric to craft headbands & bows. Transform cute sleepsuits into cushion covers or decorative buntings for birthdays or special occasions. These DIY projects not only let you repurpose clothing but also add a personal touch to your home. We also stock a kit which will give you everything you need to create your very own Memory Cushion without it looking like a Pinterest fail.

As parents, we understand the sentimental value that baby clothing holds. From the first sleepsuit worn to the tiny shoes that took their first steps, each piece tells a story of growth and love. Instead of allowing these memories to gather dust in storage, explore the numerous creative ways to repurpose outgrown baby clothing. Whether you choose to pass them down, donate to those in need, commission memory bears or blankets, or get creative with DIY projects, each choice contributes to a more sustainable and sentimental approach to parenting. And if you're looking for a truly special way to keep these memories alive, consider the beauty of memory bears or blankets – a cherished keepsake that holds onto your memories and tells their story.

If you're ready to transform those treasured baby clothes into lasting memories and explore the heartfelt option of memory bears or blankets, feel free to reach out to us. We'd love to help you create a meaningful keepsake that embraces the journey of parenthood.



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